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Our Services

COC is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-governmental organisation established to reach out to the unreached, lost, sick, uncared for, aged, demonised and homeless to ensure a better life for all in Christ Jesus. The services of COC are open to all Christian churches and every citizen.

Evangelism (Rural & Urban)

The field ministry involves general missionary and evangelistic work. COC liaises with the Christian churches and assists them in the planning and execution of evangelistic programmes which includes crusades, seminars, workshops and conferences. The Ministry also reaches out to children to bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ. It offers children programmes which include camps, workshops, and seminars.  

Prayer & Deliverance

The Prayer Force and Deliverance Ministry organises prayer and deliverance sessions for any in need, whether Christian or non- Christian. It organises Christian prayer sessions to meet the specific needs of the body of Christ, the nation and the world at large. In general, the counselling, Prayer and Deliverance Secretariat liaises with the field  ministry in planning the general organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Family Life Ministry

The Family Life Ministry offers counselling sessions for Christians contemplating marriage (premarital counselling) and post-marital counselling. It provides a rehabilitation counselling center for broken/ troubled marriages and people from broken homes who are in need of healing. Training programmes are also offered to Christians who want to be counsellors.

General Counselling and Drug Abuse Ministry

This Ministry offers counselling sessions for people with social problems and those in need of career counselling. It  also offers counselling sessions for drug addicts and provides a rehabilitation counselling center for them. Training programmes are also offered to Christians who want to be counsellors.


The Relief Minisrty identifies and meets specific needs of Christians, victims of floods etc. It liaises with the other Secretariats to find workable means of offering effective relief services to people. It has a center for Victims of Domestic Violence and the Homeless (CVDVH) which focuses on victims of domestic violence and the homeless with the passion to helping to rehabilitate them.

Music, Film and Publication Srcretariat

The center also has a Music, Film and Publication Ministry. It organises musical concerts and offers recording facilities for Christian organisations and churches for both outdoor and indoor programmes and provides film libraries for Christians. The Ministry offers training programmes for Christian musical groups and liaises with the field minisrty in the planning and general organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences.  


COC was established in 1991 but was incorporated in 1999 at the Registrar General’s Department as a non-denominational, non-Governmental, non-profit organisation. Simply put, the complex is for all churches and every citizen


There are two units under the evangelism and mission secretariat namely: 

  • Field mission
  • Children’s mission


There are three Units under the Counselling, Prayer and Deliverance Secretariat namely:

  • Family Life Ministry
  • General counselling /Drug Abuse Ministry and
  • Prayer Force and Deliverance Ministry


There are two Units under the Music, Film and Publication Secretariat namely:

  • Music and Film Ministry
  • Publication Section
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