This is a haven for lonely older persons who are 60 years old and above, and in need of socialization, friendship, love and compassion. The center entertains the older people for the day so that they can make friends and socialize with other people.

We believe in caring for the aged by providing them with recreational activities, opportunities for socialization and help maintain their relationship with God. We seek to provide a clean and cheerful environment with opportunities for spiritual enhancement and counselling. Moreover all the needy aged would have some of their needs met.

COC helps the aged find meaning to their lives and put a smile on their faces.

Programme activities include:

  1. Devotion

  2. Exercise

  3. Games

  4. Bible Study and Prayer time

  5. Singspirations

  6. Listening to inspirational songs and messages

  7. Practicing and learning skills like beading, croching, knitting etc.

  8. Snacks and meals for the day

Admittance of the aged into the centre is dependent on the fulfillment of some medical clearance . The medical requirements are:

  • Chest x-ray results/report

  • Medical condition report

  • Medicines being taken (medication).

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